Cosmed Pony FX Spirometer


Pony FX is the new generation of desktop spirometers developed by COSMED for complete spirometry (FVC/SVC, MVV, bronchial provocation) and respiratory mechanics (MIP/MEP, Rocc) testing. With a large colour LCD screen and inbuilt thermal printer, it is possible to perform tests without the need of a computer.

The Pony FX has internal memory, which can store many patients/tests, and comes with a powerful and user-friendly PC software (OMNIA) for data management and real-time PC testing.

Pony FX is configured with an accurate and reliable bidirectional digital turbine flowmeter.
Additional optional tests include: Airway Resistance (Rocc/Rint) and Pulseoximetry (SpO2).

Two different Pony FX models are currently available:

  • Pony FX: desktop spirometer with COSMED validated digital bidirectional turbine flowmeter.
  • Pony FX MIP/MEP: desktop spirometer for basic spirometry tests and respiratory mechanics measurements (MIP/MEP).