Lode Cardiac Rehab Manager (LCRM)


Turn-key Solution for Cardiac Rehabilitation

Lode offers a turn-key solution for cardiac rehabilitation. The complete solution consists of our intuitive and user-friendly LCRM software, a very compact wearable ECG streamer and is completed with our reliable Lode rehab ergometers.

The LCRM software (#950902) is unique and control the Lode rehab devices. It helps the test operator to prepare cardiac rehabilitation sessions by the possibility to predefine protocols and test groups. The software also documents all relevant data (e.g. ECG, BPM, SpO2, Speed, Inclination, RPM, Load, etc) for later analysis and provides individual reports and continuous ECG control. The test operator can rely on the quality of the software and thus focus on the patients. The extensive patient database can work as a stand-alone database or linked to a SQL server. Of course HL7 connection to the Hospital Information System (HIS) is possible.

The compact 2-channel ECG streamer (#950920) is wearable and wireless. This makes it possible for the test subject to move around the ergometer and perform all kind of exercises while the ECG data are still monitored. The batteries of multiple ECG streamers can be charged using a USB cord or simultaneously in a docking station.

Each Cardiac Rehabilitation Solution is custom made, based on the requirements of the user. You can use part number #950902 for ordering the LCRM software for a setting with 2 stress test devices. For each additional device, you can order an additional license (#950906). For a complete setup, please check the accessories and related products or contact your local Lode distributor.