Mindray CAL 8000

  • BC-6800Plus ofers a throughput of up to 200 samples per hour, greatly improving the effciency of CAL 8000. With the newly designed optics and reagent systems, the SF Cube technology can help doctors to better diferentiate the clusters of cells, which is key to revealing more abnormal cells, to bring more clinical value to our customers.
  • The touch screen is the “brain” of CAL 8000. It optimizes the distribution of workload between each BC-6800Plus unit and decides which sample requires a blood smear. It displays the status of each BC-6800Plus or SC-120 installed on CAL 8000 as well as the volume of balance reagent. This intuitive software can tell the users all necessary information of CAL 8000 at any given time. Consequently, the users will spend less time operating CAL 8000 and arrange their working schedule better.
  • The start yard can hold up to 200 sample tubes at a time. The STAT position provides an option for a faster blood count. The whole CAL 8000 can be started by just pressing one button
  • Mindray provides original slides to ensure quality of blood smears and reliable performance of SC-120
  • The stock yard can hold up to 300 sample tubes at a time. From here the users can select the sample tubes which need further analysis.


The top class of fully Integrated with the hematology analyzer, slide maker & steiner
and digital cell morphology analyzer.