Labtech EC3H-ABP


Combined three-channel, full disclosure ECG Holter and ABPM System without PC and printer. The EC-3H/ABP Combined Holter System combines a 3-channel ECG Holter and an ambulatory blood pressure monitor. The QRS and PM can be detected with high precision, while template and rhythm analysis can be interactively modified by the user. This user-friendly software provides high-quality time- and frequency-based HRV, PQ, QT, ST, PM, Atrial Fibrillation, Flutter analysis, BBB and AV block detection and ABP results. The transparency and the interpretation of the results are aided by color-coded graphs and tables. The software offers a wide range of languages to choose from.

The system consists of: 1 pc EC-3H/ABP combined Recorder + analysis SW + USB-02/B interface + accessories*.

The System can be extended by the following recorders: EC-2H, EC-3H, EC-12H, EC-ABP, EC-3H/ABP.