Lode MR Ergometer Pedal


Medication free, load adjusted patient activation during MR scans

The MR ergometer is specially developed to use in combination with an MR scanner. The MR ergometer is MR conditional and can therefore be used in the MR room. This pedal version is suitable for cardiology and has an adjustable workload up to 300 watt. Thanks to the low moment of inertia, the patient can start pedalling easily despite the supine position. The MR ergometers workload is controlled with an electronic braking principle especially designed for use in an MR environment. The MR ergometer is standard supplied with the Lode Ergometry Manager (LEM) software, the Optical Interface Cable, and a power unit. With the software the MR Ergometer can be controlled from the operator room. Protocols and patient data can be saved. The power unit is completed with a safety cable for wall fixation. The MR ergometer can be used for MR scanners up to 3 Tesla.