Lode Esseda Wheelchair Ergometer


Realistic and accurate testing with unique wheelchair propulsion

The Lode Esseda is a wheelchair ergometer developed together with input of rehabilitation centers and universities. The request of the rehab market for wheelchair patients and the sports market was the ability to test and train patients and sporters as realistic and at the same time as accurate as possible.

The Esseda is a wheelchair ergometer working according to the principles of inertia in order to simulate realistic wheelchair propulsion. The resistance of the ergometer can be adjusted to simulate surfaces with different friction or to create different test and training protocols. The ergometer is developed for easy access for all kind of wheelchairs, allowing athletes to use their own complete wheelchair. There is a very easy and flexible fixation system and the ergometer also has a tool to outline the wheelchair to ensure that the wheelchair is positioned well regarding to the ergometer. The calibration is done whilst the athlete is in the wheelchair, so the weight of the person is also counted in order to provide the best inertia simulation. Positioning can be done with the saved position data of the previous test.

The individual propulsion of the left and right wheels makes it possible to measure the force separately on both sides. Together with the high measurement frequency it is possible to detect small differences between left and right or propulsion technique. Small changes in propulsion can be detected and the effect on various outcome measurements will be visible. Furthermore the real time feedback modus creates opportunities for rehabilitation training and optimization of the propulsion in order to prevent injuries. In order to control the ergometer, the Esseda is standard supplied with the Lode Ergometry Manager Software, so multiple testing and training protocols can be created.