Lode valiant 2 CPET


Robust and reliable treadmill that can be controlled by external devices

Modern designed treadmill specifically designed for cardio-pulmonary exercise testing. This treadmill is standard supplied with a communication module and can therefor be easily controlled by all known stress ECG and pulmonary devices in the world.The low step-up height makes the treadmill perfectly suitable for all test subjects in the field of cardiology and pulmonary function. The emergency stop with magnetic lanyard on the standard front handrail provides additional safety for the user. The Valiant 2 cpet offers a smooth acceleration from 0 km/h and is continuously adjustable in a range of 0,5 – 20 km/h (0.3 – 12 mph). The standard elevation is 0-25% and the running surface is 50 x 150 cm. The Valiant cpet is standard supplied without any display.
A USB A-B cable for service purposes as well as connecting to ECG and pulmonary testing devices will be standard delivered with the product.
To connect older ECG and pulmonary testing devices with RS232 or other connectors you need a special interface cable that can be ordered separately.