Mindray BS-480

System function

  • Fully automated, discrete, random access,
  • STAT, urine and homogeneous immunoassays;STAT sample priority
  • Throughput: 400 photometric tests/hour
  • Measuring principles: Absorbance Photometry, Turbidimetry

Reaction System

  • Reaction rotor: Rotating tray, 90 cuvettes with automatic washing
  • Cuvette: Optical length 5mm
  • Reaction volume: 120~360μl
  • Operating temperature: 37°C
  • Temperature _uctuation: ±0.1°C
  • Mixing system: 2 independent mixers

 Enhanced Liquid System

  • Precise sample and reagent aspiration
  • Built in air bubble elimination prior to washing
  • High pressure interior probe wash
  • Carry-over <0.05%

 Economy Usage

  • Light-Spot Flatting Technology facilitates lower reaction volume
  • 24 hour non-stop refrigeration at 2-10°C
  • Minimum sample volume: 1.5 ul
  • Reagent volume: 10 ~ 350 ul
  • States Cuvette Volume:120~360 ul

Easy to perform maintenance

  • Front loaded reagent compartment for easier access Debbie
  • Easy access for routine maintenance and troubleshooting
  • Built in Step-by-Step maintenance guide

Intelligent Probe System functions and smart protection

  • Supports methods with up to 4 reagents
  • Vertical and horizontal collision protection
  • Automatic System Recovery
  • Liquid level detection, clot detection


Accurate, Reliable Results

To ensure accuracy, reliability and correlation of diagnostic data, Mindray utilizes the International Standard in result reporting. To assure ease of report retrieving, Mindray establishes the Mindray Clinical Chemistry Measurement System for result traceability.